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Charles Lee
Co-Founder of CoderSchool

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Course starts Monday, April 13th.

Meet Hoa

Graduate, CoderSchool Bootcamp (July 2016)

CoderSchool’s full-stack web development bootcamp is absolutely suitable for people who are dedicated to a career change. From one with zero coding experience to one who is able to build (almost) complete web apps from scratch within three months, the fast-paced, intense curriculum pushed me towards my achievements. Moreover, the instructors and TAs are experts in their fields and your colleagues/ classmates are all gifted individuals, who always encourage and motivate you; then all you have to do is to work hard and ask a bunch of questions! 😊

Learn Full-Stack Web Development

HTML/CSS, Python, and React

This program requires a fulltime commitment.

Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00. It's for people truly dedicated to making a big change. 

All classes are held at CoderSchool - 12 Ton Dan, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Student Project Example


Course Timeline


Weeks 1-3
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn the basic languages of the internet to build responsive, dynamic websites. The course focuses on building a strong foundation in "vanilla" ES6 JavaScript.

Weeks 4-6
Frontend Engineering in React

Learn the principles of the most popular frontend web framework today: React. Learn the basics of components, state, and calling APIs.

Weeks 7-10
Backend Engineering in Python and Flask

Students learn Python, SQL, and Flask to build web backends. A special emphasis is placed upon understanding relational database design and how to build APIs to interact with React.

Weeks 11-12
Capstone Project

Students work with instructors to come up with solo project concepts and spend two full weeks building truly sophisticated applications on their own.
Charles Lee
Co-Founder of CoderSchool
I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2006, and have 10+ years of being a software engineer in Silicon Valley. The past year I have been working with startups CodePath and Bloc teaching iOS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and Java.
Loi Tran
Frontend Instructor
I'm an enthusiastic developer who loves React and React Native. I taught myself to code after going through CoderSchool's Ruby on Rails Bootcamp; I'm passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. My dream is to be the best teacher ever - and have the most successful app ever.
Learn with the Best

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Lifelong Alumni Benefits

CoderSchool was born out of a genuine desire to not only educate, but also connect ambitious, talented individuals together to accomplish great things. We'll continue to support you long after you graduate.

Silicon Valley Experience in Vietnam

We've taught in Vietnam since 2015 and have over 500 CoderSchool graduates. Our educators come from Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, UC Berkeley, Yale, and others.

Course starts Monday, April 13th.

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